Family Business Consulting

Family businesses as a general rule, are more flexible, more profitable and less bureaucratic than other companies. When functioning effectively, a family business provides an excellent platform for wealth creation. Equity & Advisory has extensive experience in family business matters, including:

  • Advising on business transition and succession planning;

  • Resolving family shareholder disputes and providing advice as to suitable commercial arrangements;

  • Providing advice on shareholder buy-backs to permit those family members who wish, to sell down their interest; and

  • Structuring and financing shareholder buy-backs and schemes of arrangement;

  • Assessment of the fair value of the business.


A C Johnston
Equity & Advisory were retained to undertake various shareholder arrangements and a detailed business valuation.

A Raptis & Sons
Lead adviser in a number of generational succession corporate restructures and shareholder arrangements.
Stephen Young is a long serving member of the A Raptis & Sons board.

Bob Jane
Equity & Advisory were retained to undertake a corporate restructure of the Bob Jane Group of Companies, including preparation of strategic business plan, negotiation of new banking facilities, preparation of various cash flow and revenue models and commercial advice in relation to franchising and shareholding arrangements.

G H Michell & Sons
Equity & Advisory were retained to undertake a business review that resulted in a business restructure necessitating a number of shareholder arrangements.

J & A G Johnston
Equity & Advisory undertook engagements relating to the business review, preparation of a detailed business plan and financial forecast resulting in various business and shareholder restructure and arrangements.

Karidis Family
Lead adviser in the corporate restructure of the Karidis Group including strategic review and shareholder arrangements.


"Mr Stephen Young's in-depth financial knowledge and experience has made a significant contribution to the governance of our business, aided by his sensitive understanding of the many non-financial matters which exist in every family business.

He and his staff have provided valuable and high quality professional services on specific assignments that have in part been facilitated by the good working relationship he and his staff have with the Australian business community and the South Australian Government.

We have found the response time to request for assistance has been excellent, which together with being located in Adelaide, gives Equity & Advisory Ltd an edge in serving business which have a South Australian component."

J Raymond Michell
G H Michell & Sons (Australia) Pty Ltd