Investor Representative

Equity & Advisory can support equity investors by performing the role of Investor Representative.  The firm can provide both Board level representation and senior executive level support within an organisation. 

Equity & Advisory has significant experience performing this role within the entities of the parent company E&A Limited and on behalf of numerous clients.

Prior engagements include the provision of Chief Financial Officer Services, Board Representation and executive level support.

Our unique experience enables the firm to consult and provide valuable advice on the broad range of business issues that our clients experience. The firm’s people think like business owners, because we are business owners.

We understand, like all business owners, that outcomes matter.


E&A Limited
Investor Representative on behalf of E&A Limited in relation to its eight investment companies, including:

  • Performance of financial due diligence for all prospective E&A Limited acquisitions;
  • Establishment of corporate governance framework;
  • Implementing group risk management system and associated reporting;
  • Implementing and/or improving contract management procedures;
  • Implementing and/or improving project management and reporting procedures;
  • Developing entity specific business plan and financial budget/forecasts;
  • Cashflow management and reporting;
  • Ensuring statutory compliance; and
  • Ensuring accountability for achieving key commercial goals and outcomes.