Valuations & Expert Opinion

The assessment of a value for any business is an intricate process, requiring diverse skills and knowledge of the market place.

We provide fair, accurate and timely valuations and fairness opinions to our clients.

Some of the main purposes for which Equity & Advisory is requested to prepare a valuation include the following:

  • As part of an Independent Expert's Report on a public company takeover or reconstruction pursuant to the Corporations Law, or under the listing rules of the Australian Stock Exchange;

  • To assist a purchaser in deciding the consideration the purchaser is prepared to pay for an asset;

  • To assist a seller in judging the price at which to sell;

  • To act as an arbitrator to settle a dispute between parties;

  • To assist a lender in quantifying the security for a loan;

  • The change in constitution of a firm by the entrance of a new partner or the retirement of an existing one; and

  • To support the carrying value of intangible assets on a company's balance sheet.


Valuation of the business and Intellectual Property associated with the Meter Reading Business in order to assist AGL in their sale negotiations of this strategic asset to ETSA Utilities.

Agricultural Land Trust
Independent Expert’s Report in relation to a transaction between the Agricultural Land Trust and Elders including land, lease and unit valuations.

BresaGen Limited
Independent Expert’s Report for BresaGen Limited in relation to the proposed CBio Offer for 51% of the Company.

DMG Radio (Australia) Pty Ltd
Valuation of DMG Radio Australia for tax consolidation purposes.

Elders Wool Handling Business
Valuation of the Elders Wool Handling Business for taxation purposes.

Innerhadden Ltd (now privately held by Futuris)
Valuation of Innerhadden Ltd as part of the Independent Expert’s Report on a capital reduction proposal submitted to shareholders.

Hard Rock Australia
Valuation of Hard Rock Australia franchise including all underlying businesses.

South Australian Totalisator Agency Board
Assessment of the indicative value of SA TAB in preparation of TAB Limited bid strategy.